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EEMG (the European Energy Mediators Group) is an independent and non-profit Europe-wide professional group, made up of customer mediators from European Energy Companies.

Our principal objective is to promote mediation between companies and consumers in the energy sector as a means to settling disputes and complaints. We started our activity in 2007 in an informal way and in 2009 the group came into existence in order to express our common position.

The Editorial of the President

The Editorial of the President

Founded in 2007, The European Energy Mediators Group is a group of company's private mediators. The companies in which they have been instated cover in more than 60 million customers and lead a major role in the Energy Market.

Company mediation, where it exists, is unanimously recognized as an effective and relevant process to solve conflicts and to favour internal progress within companies.

Due to change of regulation, the list of members has evoluated since the beginning. In 2018, ENEDESA has been obliged to leave the group, since the company mediator is not anymore recognized in this country. FRAMATOME Gmbh has joined the group with a specificity of claims arising with companies rather than with consumers.

This year, the members have participated to various significant events: The CEER Presentation Monitoring Consumer Protection, Empowerment and retail energy markets, and participated notably to a roundtable regarding billing and switching.

NEON conference in Brussels was an occasion for EEMG Members to meet various EEC Ombudsmen as well as the representative of the DG Justice European Commission.

Later on, NEON President has met EEMG President in order to exchange on the complementarity between sectorial ombudsmen and companies mediators.

The European Commission has organized a specific meeting in order to meet the different actors of the amicable settlement in the consumption field.

During the 10th Citizen Energy Forum organized by the EEC, in Dublin, the stakes of the Clean Energy Package as well as of the New Deal for Consumers have led to different topics as digitalization, energy efficiency and decarbonized energy.

The 23rd of October EEMG annual meeting in EDF premices in Brussels has been an occasion toenhance the role of companies mediators who seek to find a fair, equitable, and well balance solution to mostly consumers to the representative of THE EEC Commission in the smart grids field.

As EEMG President, I feel that this was also an occasion to exchange about our goals, what we want to do and share with the others members. This year, we have decided to share about our various market situations, and to focus on our recommendations and tendencies.

We have also apprehended the “new tendencies” of the Energy sector and have thus decided to meet next year in Portugal in order to discuss particularly on impact of digitalization in the mediation process.

We ended our meeting with the conviction that, with the increase of the “need to know” of consumers as well as the promotion of alternative adapted settlement disputes to judiciary proceedings, our role will become more important in the near future, especially for vulnerable consumers.

Finally, I hope that you will find in the web site all the information related to our organization, to which I wish a long and fructuous life.

Alain Brière,
EEMG President

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