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EEMG (the European Energy Mediators Group) is an independent and non-profit Europe-wide professional group, made up of customer mediators from European Energy Companies.

Our principal objective is to promote mediation between companies and consumers in the energy sector as a means to settling disputes and complaints. We started our activity in 2007 in an informal way and in 2009 the group came into existence in order to express our common position.

The Editorial of the President

The Editorial of the President

Founded in 2007, the European Energy Mediators Group (EEMG) gathers company mediators of the energy sector in Europe. The companies having instituted a mediator represent more than 60 million of customers.

A company mediator is a “facilitator” who helps to solve disputes between the company and a stakeholder such as a supplier, a customer, etc… when the in-house escalation process has been exhausted, when the dialogue is broken and the situation between the parties seems to be blocked. Then, the company mediator restores the dialogue, puts the issues on the table, helps to find solutions in order for the parties to come to an agreement and to recover soft relationship.

Company mediation is unanimously recognized as an independent and efficient amicable dispute resolution process.

In addition to his role of “facilitator” to solve disputes, a company mediator is a sting, an itch-hair which helps the companies to progress in reduction or ideally elimination of dispute sources thanks to the various recommendations he issues on a regular basis.

According to consumption European regulation, every “professional” has to provide a free mediation system to its customers. Company mediation, where it exists, largely contributes to consumer’s protection and thus to the energy market efficiency. It is also a way to compensate the assymetrical relationship between companies and individuals, including the most vulnerable.

Thanks to his background, skills and experience, a company mediator is able to quickly adapt to new topics in relation to the evolution of the energy sector such as smart metering, renewable energy sources, electric mobility or the growing energy services.

EEMG members have various status depending on national law and culture. Anyway all of them share the same goal which is to restore independently trust to a damaged relationship between their company and a stakeholder. All of them are driven by the same sense of fairness to find out the best solution for both parties, staying neutral, impartial and independent.

On 7th of October 2019, I have been elected president of EEMG for three years and I am very honored to have been chosen by its members. I am enthusiastic to continue with them the work that has been already achieved by my predecessors. 

For the three coming years, our main objectives for EEMG are:

  • To promote company mediation as an efficient alternative dispute resolution mechanism (ADR) for any kind of disputes and more specifically in the field of Consumption. For that, contacts will be established with the European Commission, EEMG members will participate to energy forums, intervene and speak out ;
  • To encourage EEMG members to become “ambassadors” of company mediation in their own country ;
  • To favor good practices sharing between EEMG members on various topics such as digitalization of processes, conflict resolution method, etc… in order to improve their performance and stakeholders’ satisfaction.

I express my thanks to EEMG members who, by their daily action, promote company mediation in Europe, and make it more popular among all energy sector stakeholders.

I also express my gratitude to the companies which trust the independent mediators they have instituted and which collaborate with confidence to find solutions and to improve their processes in a spirit of constructive collaboration.

You will find all information related to EEMG organization in the website. I wish you will learn more about company mediation and become a user and/or a supporter of this efficient and free alternative dispute resolution system which is at the core of the judicial system evolution in Europe.

Paris, October 2019

Benedicte Gendry,
EEMG President

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